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Welcome to Yummi blog, babe🌸

As you may noticed on Instagram, I like to share not only photos of my products but I like to show you what inspires me in the process as well. Instagram stories have become another outlet for my creativity and I decided that I should expand my love for creating visual content into a Yummi blog. Babes (and some dudes), welcome!

About a year ago I started this creative journey, Yummi Apparel and I like to think of all the girls that join me on this path as Yummi babes. But before I manage to create new lingerie thingies for such ladies, there are Yummi muses. They are girls and women that inspire me in some way. Not only with their looks, but with their attitude, killer style or with that je ne sais quoi that they possess.

Gemma Ward

This lovely aussie was the youngest model to appear on the cover of American Vogue. She reportedly retired from modeling to pursue acting career, but her images never cease to amaze me whenever I stumble across them on my Pinterest feed.

Jane Birkin

Her ✨💫💗 I mean, need I say more?

Maya Stepper

This German-born beauty's Instagram feed makes you wanna live someplace sunny 365 days a year. I like what she said one of her recent interviews: “Beauty is all about attitude. A positive mind gives you a glow that no make up can ever create.” While I can agree that it's a lot easier to have that special glow when you also have good genes, I believe how you carry yourself makes all the difference as well.

Kate Moss

Of course no muse-inspired post is perfect without mentioning Kate Moss. I loved her for as long as I can remember. Her long lasting friendship with Naomi Campbell is a 90s bestie goals dream come true. Long live Kate the great! 💗


love, Patricia